Friday, October 2, 2009

Some recent conversations my wee bicycle has provoked..

People in Glasgow love to shout out whatever it is they're thinking about you as you ride past them on a tiny red bicycle. Some recent conversations and friendly abuse hurled at me are as follows:

Old Man walking: "Hey Bonnet Head!"
Serves me right for wearing a Scottish bonnet... in Scotland...

Drunk Girl in Car: "How cool are you? How F***ing cool are you? I want to be you right now, WHY CAN'T I BE YOU?"
Thanks.. I think?

Pedestrian: "Hey can you give me a backy?"
Me: "(laughs) Och no I'm not strong enough!"
Pedestrian: "I think you are with legs like those!"
Still trying to decided if this was a compliment or polite abuse.. (For those unfamiliar with the term a 'backy' is a dink)

Drunk: "I like your wee bike... It's like a kids bike.... That's the hottest bike I've ever seen..."
Me: "That's a little creepy since you just mentioned its like a kids bike.."
Drunk: "I know but your the hottest thing I've seen on a bike, your a babe...."
Didn't hear the rest as I fled across the intersection.

This bike it seems is the abuse-magnet, both good and bad. Makes for interesting travels around the city at least!

Chic Nerds Alert!

Check this link for all the hottest nerds that are and were. From online bloggers to Cameron Frye from Ferris Bueller's Day Off.


*asthma pump*



Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I met a wee cat..

One day last week it was a rainy morning so I rode the bus into work. After work I realised I didn't have enough change to catch the bus home and decided I needed the fresh air to clear my head anyway.
I took the scenic stroll home. Up high above Sauchiehall street, past the Charles Rennie Mackintosh Art School, over the busy freeway, down some suburban lane ways, past the private gardens and into Kelvingrove Park.
I was strolling along through the bright flowers and manicured lawn, not bothered how long my walk in the fading sun was taking. Tangled in my thoughts and prayers and dragging my tired feet I was interrupted by a rustle in the flower bed next to me.
Two startled green eyes peered out at me. Much to my delight it was a shiny, black cat.
At first unsure of me, I knelt down to greet my new little friend. Within moments the little black cat was meowing to me about his day, purring and nuzzling to my affectionate petting.

It was just what I needed that day. I hope we meet again wee shiny black cat.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Black & White Tales from NYC

I got my B&W FishEye film back yesterday.
A real mix of photographs as I didn't use my camera every day.
There are quite a few from the week my Sister came over and we stayed in Brooklyn. We did loads of touristy things that week. Our first day we hunted down an indoor flea market in DUMBO. The photo above is of Michaela and Matt trying some of the goods on offer. I think Matt pulls off the Dame Edna-esque glasses well!

Here are a few other favourites:

This is in DUMBO. It was this giant colourful grid but I forgot I had B&W film. When I look at though I can see colours even though my brain knows its shades of grey. Matt told me of one of his lecturers that did some famous work all in B&W but it looked like you could see the colours. I love that concept!

The Wonderful Guggenheim. We were staying with the director of the Bicycle Film Festival at this time and he kindly called a friend at the Guggenheim so we had tickets waiting for us. How very VIP!

Wandering around Soho couldn't help but snap this very iconic school bus.

I can't remember why I snapped this butcher but I love the outcome.

The sink in one of our hostels. A pity about the camera strap but I think I will edit that out.

My pot of beer at a bar in the Meat Packing District.

Again I forgot I was shooting B&W because this door is the most brilliant colour blue. I actually don't mind the composition and shadow though.

In DUMBO again, which stands for Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass

Some Artwork on the side of a Cafe. I love the bend of the street sign.

On our way to a Bike Shop in Soho. I think I counted 4 or 5 pairs up there.

More sneakers dangling. This is under Manhattan Bridge.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Tales from the back of my red & white bicycle

Photo's courtesy of my boy Matthew Harding

I'm just home from popping over to lovely Margaux's flat after work. She lives just the other side of the park so it's a pleasant little ride there and back. As I was riding past the skate bowl I suddenly remembered how when Alex was over from Sweden we had taken my then-new bicycle for a ride around the park.
As there were two of us and only one little flamingo we had to make do! So with Alex carefully balanced on my flat rack at the back, we were gliding up and down the hills when one boy ever so rudely, laughed mockingly at us as we cruised past the skate bowl.
We tossed our short hair and laughed because the site of two tall women balanced on my tiny bicycle must have been pretty hilarious! See image below for dimensions I'm talking haha

The other day as I lugged my heavy little bicycle up three flights of stairs to my flat - also carting 5kg of fruit and vege's I thought how very fitting - my little flamingo carries me all over town each day. It's the least I can do, put your little wheels up my friend!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

FishEye Tales Tell

Here I am once more, sitting in my window with a steamy cup of tea, dancing across my cyber world with my speedy fingers.
I awoke sluggish today. Thursdays finish late so I popped some vitamin C and scurried to get "on my bike" and raced to work. I arrived on time and puffed as usual. I'd raced a sleek black BMW all the way along Sauchiehall street. He/she bee
ped me every time I (very safely) ran a red light. I very politely pretended I hadn't heard the horn honk each time.
I arrived at work to discover I was an hour early - drat. In my haste I hadn't had time to check my voicemail - "Your photo's are ready"
Matt bought me a lomo fish eye camera for my birthday last year. Matt worked for a wonderful photographer back home who retired and thus Matt scored a load of expired film.
Since Matt works pretty well digitally nowadays, he kindly brought a doggy bag full of expired film for me to use. If you have it in the freezer it keeps.
So little old me gets behind my lovely little fish, using some super proffesional film.
Click Click Snap Snap
I got the Slide Film back today. Half are from New York and the others are Glasgow. My best friend Alex came over from Sweden to help me celebrate my 21st birthday so some shots are from a day we picnic'd in the park. The quality of my shots aren't amazing but Matt is patiently teaching me more and more about photography.
Still waiting on my black and white film to return but for now these are some of my favourites.

Monday, July 6, 2009

A Tale for tonight

It's late but i'm not working tomorrow.
Matt has nearly finished editing the New York photos. It's nice to relive some memories.
The sun has set. I'm still not used to the sun setting so late but I enjoy it. I can see giant, white wind mills far in the distance from my kitchen window. I look at them each mornning. Sometimes the sky is so grey I can't see them, sometimes there is a low cloud just balancing over them and I can only see faint silhouettes. Somedays I ponder if the day to come will reflect the visual of the windmills I see that morning..

It's strange starting a new art-world away from my giant desk of art tools and knitting machine back home. I recieved an e-mail today offering me some contract work with a local designer I presume back home. I'm not sure where they got my details but it's nice to be offered work in the field I enjoy.
I realised weeks after we arrived that I was feeling fed up and frustrated inside because I hadn't made anything in such a long time. I realised that I always had creative tasks keeping me busy till I left. First it was my course and then it was contract work knitting.
I'd had this idea about making duct tape brooches a while ago so I bought some duct tape and set about making something... I made a floral ring and later some magazine flowers. But thats another tale for another day.

I'm determind to tap into the crafty and creative community here in Glasgow. I checked out a Craft Mafia market last weekend. Matt and I discovered a hidden laneway of creative sorts just close to home which was exciting. Everything from a cafe, to a recording studio to framers, all tucked away just off the main street. That's one thing I love about Glasgow and Melbourne; the laneways. Exploring the laneways is like scratching the surface and getting to know the city properly over a beer and some hommus.

It's late. I should sleep and make tomorrow a productive day.
I wonder how the windmills will look in the morning..